Director: Cynthia Madanat Sharaiha
Country: Jordan
Year: 2023
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English

After fleeing his war-torn town with his mother and two siblings,
9 year old Saleem is now displaced, and forced to start life all over again. He is tormented by
memories of the past, and struggles to cope with the loss of his father. Now, faced with the
ever intimidating antics of the playground antagonists, Saleem struggles to find his footing.
Things weren’t looking up for Saleem, but one morning, a mystical pigeon swoops into his life
and uncovers what seems to be an old treasure map. Reluctant Saleem finds himself on the
path of a new adventure! New friends Fares, Zeina and Abboud, rally around him, and together
traverse the old town looking for the treasure. With a map for the journey, an anchor for clues,
and a compass for direction, Saleem finds a treasure that he never knew he needed.