Dahr is a Jeddah-based design studio, launched in 2016 by Saudi architect-turned-furniture designer Albara Osama Saimaldahar. Hayy Jameel sees the launch of Riwaq, Dahr’s first permanent location and site for collaborations with local and international brands.

Using materials from the country’s natural landscape and marrying craft with architecture, Dahr creates a sharp, yet subtle collection of chairs, tables and stools infused with wood from tree logs planted, grown and then chopped on the street of Jeddah.

At the heart of it, Dahr is a celebration of the objects’ journey and destinations. With its core pillars of innovation, timelessness and heritage, Dahr meticulously sources materials to transform them into meaningful experiences by manufacturing bespoke and captivating objects that stand the test of time. 

The name Dahr carries the Arabic meaning of everlasting, which symbolises the foundation that anchors our pillars while intertwining with the founder’s family name. The founder’s collaborators, Daniah, Abdulrahman and Elanah Saimaldahar, bring a rich and diverse set of skills, ambitions and experiences ranging from digital futures and business acumen to graphic and interior design.