About Hayy Jameel

About Hayy Jameel

Hayy Jameel is developed and managed by Art Jameel as a dedicated arts complex and creative hub for Saudi Arabia. Hayy joins Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai which opened in 2018 in its efforts to build culture-oriented, connected communities. Designed by award-winning architects waiwai, Hayy references an Arabic word for neighbourhood, denoting the convivial and collaborative nature of the complex and its intent on bringing together a wide range of creative disciplines in one destination. Alongside the museum Hayy Arts, the education platform Hayy Learning and Hayy Studios is Hayy Cinema, Saudi’s first independent audiovisual centre, designed by Jeddah-based architects Bricklab. Fenaa Hayy, a multi-purpose space for performances, workshops and talks opens onto Saha, a central community courtyard underpinned by philosophies of sustainability and adaptability. 

The Art Jameel-run not-for-profit spaces are joined by Hayy Residents – a set of pioneering, homegrown creative enterprises that range from contemporary art and performance to design and publishing, culinary institutes, new cafes and eateries. 

The launch of Hayy Jameel in 2021 culminates 75 years of Jameel family philanthropy and is in line with Vision 2030, coming to fruition with a new era for the arts and creative sector across the Kingdom.

About Hayy Partnerships

A dynamic and collaborative spirit underpins Hayy Jameel’s founding ethos and its diverse programming — from the familial Hayy Residents cohort through to strategic institutional partnerships that place artists and the community at the heart of their operations. Locally, Hayy Jameel works with individuals and organisations to develop and support original and thought-provoking programming that speaks to our core audiences and embraces the cross-pollination of ideas, encouraging entrepreneurship and the development of creative infrastructures.

Major Art Jameel international institutional partners include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts

In March 2018, Art Jameel and Delfina Foundation announced a new partnership which sees the organisations work together to share expertise, networks and co-produce residencies and exhibition programmes. Hayy Arts’ opening exhibition ‘Staple: What’s on your plate?’ sees this partnership come to life through a robust collaborative curatorial exhibition and public programme that invites the varied contributions of over 30 artists, researchers, thinkers, performers, filmmakers and creative practitioners.