Hayy Studios

Hayy Studios

Hayy Studios are four production spaces on the top floor of the complex, dedicated to artists’ studio rentals, residency programmes, and participatory projects. 

About the rental of studios

The Hayy Studio rentals initiative aims to offer affordable studio spaces for Jeddah- and wider Makkah region-based artists, filmmakers, creative practitioners, writers, and interdisciplinary researchers —  running annually from June until December.

About the 2024 cohort 

This year, the cohort includes: RexChouk, Bawtaqah and Marwa Turkestani, selected based on the quality of their work, their experience, and the coherence of their current projects with Hayy Jameel’s collective mission.

RexChouk & Azee

RexChouk creates contemporary artworks incorporating global pop culture icons and slang. He explores corporeality and the manipulation of perception to express and undermine symmetry and global systems.

Azee is an artist that uses calligraphy and geometry to express simple emotions through letter designs and and complex compositions.





Bawtaqah is a non-profit organization established in London in 2013. Certified from the Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia as a training center, it attracts and develops motivated and highly-skilled individuals with an interest in the field of architecture.




Marwa Turkestani

Marwa Turkestani is a homegrown Jeddah graduate student. She gained her skills in ceramic arts using traditional methods with an interest in consolidating handicrafts and heritage. She created the Marwa Turkestani Studio to teach and revive the ceramic craft.





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