As part of her contribution to our upcoming exhibition ‘The Distance from Here’, Jeddah-based multimedia artist Filwa Nazer will be occupying a space at Hayy Studios. Her residency will include an engaging public programme which invites members of the community to consider experiences of body and space within the context of ongoing changes. 

Filwa began her creative journey as a fashion designer and graduated from Milan’s Marangoni school of Fashion and design. Her practice ranges from digital print, collage, textile to appropriation of photography and centres around questioning the emotional and psychological identity in relation to spatial and social contexts. In her recent practice, Filwa has employed textiles and sewing techniques as a medium to explore relationships between our bodies and the spaces we occupy, thus unveiling an intimate experimental process that reflects the tensions inherent in both. 




‘The Distance from Here’

By: Rayan Khayat Jun 08 - Oct 25