Residents at Hayy Jameel

Hayy Jameel is built to bring together the broadest range of creative disciplines in one neighbourhood.

Our dynamic, creative and communal space hosts the Hayy Residents, a roster of homegrown creative enterprises who have each shaped the scene and paved the way in their respective fields.

Ranging from contemporary art and performance to design and publishing through to artisanal bakeries, new cafes and eateries. Click through each Hayy Resident to learn more.

Community Theater Company


What is Fennec? (fennec: noun [fen-ek] A type of fox that has pale fur and…

Art Gallery


Currently on view: Random International Exhibition: Janurary 25 – March 29, 2023 Established in 2005,…

Concept Store


Homegrown is a popular Jeddah-based concept store and online platform for budding designers from Saudi…

Design Studio

Riwaq Dahr

Dahr is a Jeddah-based design studio, launched in 2016 by Saudi architect-turned-furniture designer Albara Osama…

Baking Academy

Aysh Academy

Aysh Academy is a local baking institute founded with love by Sumaia Showail, who brings…

Design House

Al Mohtaraf

Al Mohtaraf is a multi-disciplinary design house that offers diverse and comprehensive expertise in editorial…

Dining & Culinary Arts

Sofia's Bistro

Sofia’s Bistro is a confluence of Mediterranean flavors inspired by Chef Khalid’s travels around the…