Hayy Learning

About Hayy Learning

Learning permeates all aspects of Hayy; from workshops at Hayy Studios to learning kits at Hayy Arts to apprenticeships at Hayy Cinema, learning brings together our community through a shared appreciation of the arts and a thirst for knowledge and growth. 

Hayy Learning is a community educational platform offering a diverse spectrum of bespoke courses, workshops, and fellowships across the creative landscape. Through strategic collaborations with Hayy Residents and local and international partners, Hayy Learning modules span beyond the scope of visual arts and cinema to areas including culinary arts, fashion, writing, and more. Following a lifelong-learning philosophy, Hayy Learning offers opportunities to all its community members from children and youth to art enthusiasts to seasoned practitioners. 

Previous Hayy Learning editions include:

Exhibition Making Masterclass: From the Crate to the Space

Led by multi-hyphenate artist, production manager, exhibition designer, (and much more!) Barış Dogrusöz, this masterclass takes participants through the lifecycle of exhibition making, starting from the reception of the artwork, its production, hanging, display in the gallery to de-install and packing.

How to Speak a Place: Art Writing from the Gulf (Seminar)

An interactive talk with writer Rahel Aima, where she shares her insights about writing as a practice and as a career. By contextualizing the field of art writing within Gulf history and mapping the evolution of the contemporary publishing landscape, Rahel invites participants to critically consider the dynamics of writing from Jeddah, from KSA, from the Gulf.

Curatorial Fellowship (May 2020-May 2021)

A year-long school and apprenticeship for emerging Saudi curators, taking place online and in-person at Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai, led by Art Jameel’s curatorial team with international guest tutors from the Met, Pratt Institute (New York), Dutch Art Institute, KW Berlin, Tate, among others.

Navigating the Contemporary Art Scene (Sept-Dec 2019)

Responding to the needs of Saudi’s visual arts scene, this inaugural intensive course included 15 artists, selected via a (hugely over-subscribed) Open Call; the programme featured the application of practical skills, plus industry knowledge and conceptual debates, delivered by Art Jameel’s in-house team plus local and international guest tutors, curators, lawyers, gallerists, writers, artists and project managers.