This masterclass aims to introduce the practical skills behind exhibition production and art handling covering the different stages of exhibition making starting from the reception of the artwork, its production, hanging, display in the gallery to its packing.

Led by multi-hyphenate artist, production manager, exhibition designer Barış Dogrusöz, the masterclass is designed for artists, curators,  art professionals  as well as aspiring exhibition project managers that are looking to familiarise themselves with the technical requirement of installing exhibitions, while acquiring knowledge in condition reporting, artwork packing and shipping. 

The programme is open to beginners as well as those who are looking to hone specific technical expertise in a particular area within exhibition production.

Participation to this masterclass is through application only. To apply, kindly fill the form here. Deadline to apply is April 18, 2022. 


Through four intensive sessions, this masterclass takes participants through the lifecycle of exhibition making, starting from the reception of the artwork, its production, hanging, display in the gallery to de-install and packing. All sessions are held in person between Hayy Arts and Hayy Studios as outlined in the following programme:

  • Tuesday May 10, 2022: Introduction
    • 6pm-9pm
    • In the first session, participants will be introduced to the field of art handling and exhibition production. The session will include insights into exhibition design and hanging techniques.
  • Wednesday May 11, 2022: From Transportation to Condition Report
    • 6pm-9pm
    • In this session, participants will learn how artworks are received and handled,  starting with a detailed condition report. Participant will learn how to package different works for transportation, and how to document their process and ensure the work is protected.
  •  Thursday May 12, 2022: Placing Works
    • 6pm-9pm
    • With the artwork is received and documented, participants are ready to start placing the work within the exhibition space. To do so, participants will learn how to read and understand the technical requirements of the artwork, and utilize the required tools and equipment required for install. Participants will learn how to analyze the space, material, and aesthetics of the work in order to present the most appropriate display.
  • Saturday May 14: Practical Application
    • 5pm-9pm
    • The sessions culminate into this hand-on application, where participants will be invited to team up for a hanging exercise based on an artist’s technical sheet from our inaugural exhibition ‘Staple: What is on your plate?’ 

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About Instructor

Barış Dogrusöz alongside his artistic career works as an Exhibition Designer – Production Manager, Designer and Technical Director with many institutions in the MENA Region since 2015. He is constantly collaborating with international and local curators and artists for large scale exhibitions, solo shows and individual projects as a technical consultant, Art handler, Production Manager.



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