Hayy Cinema

About Hayy Cinema

A bespoke independent picture house for Jeddah, Hayy Cinema aims to bring a new perspective to filmmaking and viewing. The programme is defined by a particular approach to curated and research-oriented filmic content that nurtures practitioners and audiences in an atmosphere of curiosity and inclusivity.

Hayy cinema comprises 4 spaces:

The main screening room, the theatre, is where audiences will experience screenings of local, regional, and international indie films and critically acclaimed titles throughout the year.

The second screening room, the community cinema, is a more intimate environment, welcoming the film community for dedicated programmes, professional encounters, and masterclasses.

The library provides access to digital content and archives, adding to the screenings and talks through research and learning materials, with a focus on the history and culture of the moving image in Saudi and across the world.

The café and cinema lobby invites audiences to hang out before and after screenings to fuel up conversations around film.



Tactile surfaces

By: Zohra Ait El Jamar Dec 06 - Sep 22