The Art Jameel Internship Programme is a biannual internship scheme at Hayy Jameel in Jeddah, offering departmental work placements and bespoke learning opportunities for Saudi-based practitioners interested in pursuing careers in the creative field.

The Internship Programme takes an embedded and hands-on approach to mentorship, providing each intern placement within one of Art Jameel’s core departments at Hayy: Exhibitions, Operations, Learning, Communications, Visitor Experience, Cinema and much more.


  • Offer an entry-point into the arts and cultural field
  • Offer hands-on work experience, opportunity to gain practical experience
  • Offer networking and mentorship opportunities
  • Offer a dynamic Intern Career Development Programme for all interns across departments

A cornerstone of the internship program is the Intern Career Development Programme, tailored to ensure that interns are offered the chance to learn more about the full range of departments and roles in the arts, as well as other careers in the field. The programme invites our intern cohort to think mindfully about the arts and their careers, and fosters cohesion.

This programme includes the following key components:

  • Monthly Seminar Sessions – monthly roundtable sessions led by each department, enabling interns to learn more about the career paths and work of an arts organisation like Art Jameel
  • Field Trips – exclusive visits to local exhibitions, artist studios, film screenings, and so on, fostering industry knowledge and networking opportunities
  • Mentorship – regular one-on-one sessions with supervisors to discuss each intern’s interests, career goals, and answer any questions, an opportunity to gain and share new insights, advice, and direction
  • Assessment – two feedback and assessment sessions allowing for interns and supervisors alike to reflect on their experiences and develop further the programme.


The Art Jameel Internship Programme 2023 application period has closed.

Keep an eye out for our next internship cycle by the mid of 2023.