The Sixth Day / Al Yom El Sades

Director: Youssef Chahine
Release Date: 1986
Running Time: 105 minutes
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English

Screening Schedule: 10 December 2022, 8pm | 16 December, 8pm | 22 December, 8pm |30 December, 8pm

Based on the novel by Andree Chedid, the film explores a period in British-colonialized Egypt during the mid-twentieth century. In a poor Cairo neighborhood, Sadika is taking care of her bedridden husband, and later, her cholera-infected grandson. She shares a subtle love relationship with the young Okka, who makes his living performing song and dance numbers with a monkey. Okka’s joyful and life-affirming spirit is a welcome challenge to the atmosphere of death that overwhelms the impoverished neighborhood; it is also the vehicle through which Sadika finds resiliency, love and social connection despite the isolation she suffers as her grandson’s caregiver.