Schedule a Group Tour.
Group tours can be arranged for groups of 4 and more.

Welcome to the “Moving Mountains” “Slat-Kissed: Of Vessel That Have Sailed The Red Sea” Exhibitions Tour, If you want to be part of the tour please register your attendance here.

the tour will be 45 minutes,

Arabic tour on Every Monday at 7 pm.

English tour on Every Wednesday at 6 pm.

Arabic tour on Every Friday at 7 pm.

English tour on Every Saturday at 6 pm.


School Tours

Following Art Jameel’s “Arts for all” philosophy, Hayy Jameel is delighted to welcome schools
to visit our neighborhood for a fun and educational experience.

School visits include guided tours, learning kits for all students, nutritious snacks and a
fun workshop designed to engage young audiences with the themes explored in our

Book your tour here, or contact us at hayylearning@artjameel.org.

College and University Tours

Hayy Jameel also welcomes institutions of higher education to visit our running exhibitions and
programmes. College and university visits include facilitated discussions designed to engage
students critically and integrate their research interests with the lines of inquiry explored at Hayy