This seminar is led in English. Registration is open, kindly RSVP through the link. 

How does one come to write ‘about’ a place? and how can we start to write ‘from’ one instead?

Join writer Rahel Aima as she shares her insights about writing as a practice and as a career. By contextualizing the field of art writing within Gulf history and mapping the evolution of the contemporary publishing landscape, Rahel invites participants to critically consider the dynamics of writing from Jeddah, from KSA, from the Gulf.

This seminar is ideal for artists, curators, and cultural practitioners who find themselves drawn to the world of writing about, describing, and critiquing art. 

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About Rahel

Rahel Aima is a writer, editor, and critic from Dubai. She is the editor of the forthcoming BXD: The Postwestern Review and an associate editor at Momus, and was formerly a founding editor of The State and special projects editor at the New Inquiry. In the past, her research has focused on palette and futurity; biomimicry, bugs, and ersatz surfaces; and the Khaleeji Ideology, a mode of techtopianism particular to the Arabian Gulf. She is currently at work on a book about coastal terroirs, where oil meets water on the Arabian Peninsula, and becoming postwestern, as well as a collection of short exhibition fiction that springs from solar and lunar events. Aima was a 2018 recipient of the Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant.