Free workshop. Registration open. 

Open to innovators and nature lovers, ‘Through Nature’s Eyes’ is an introduction to the fascinating world of Biomimicry, an emerging innovation methodology that seeks to create sustainable innovations inspired by nature. Join founder of Biomimicry Arabia, Freas Al Saggaf, as he shares his experience in Biomimicry, from observing nature, synthesizing relevant lessons, and actualizing it in the human art and design realm.

About Feras Al Saggaf

Feras comes with a background in architecture and design with a passion for nature-inspired innovation. He founded a nature-centered community Biomimicry Arabia that seeks to engage youth and professionals in the Arab World to the emerging field of biomimicry with emphasis on accelerating the circular and sustainable economy in the region, while providing meaningful ways for innovators and thinkers to contribute to the rising green economy, and finding purpose by solving real-world challenges