Free workshop. Open for registration for children 8+.

Come to Aysh Academy and join us for our first ever workshop, which is designed in collaboration with Art Jameel! Bring your aprons and get ready to bake some delicious mammal sweets with dates and pistachios  to celebrate the coming of Ramadan.

For Thursday’s session, register here.

For Friday’s session, register here.

About Aysh

Aysh Academy is a local baking institute founded with love by Sumaia Showail, who brings a decade of experience as a pastry chef trained by world-renowned leaders in artisan bread and pastry education.

Created with the underlying objective to modernise the traditional approach to baking, Aysh Academy is a learning environment that encourages baking enthusiasts to discover the textures, flavours, and aromas of freshly baked artisan bread, viennoiserie, pastry and more via hands-on culinary experiences and dedicated workshops to promote the profession of baking and pastry arts in Saudi Arabia.

Aysh is an Arabic word for live and the colloquial word for bread in Jeddah. Playing on the double entendre, Aysh Academy’s motto is Aysh today for a better tomorrow.