In collaboration with local apiary Beeways and part of commissioned work by artist Moza Almatrooshi’s on view at Hayy ArtsThere is an Edible Gold, the workshop series hosts beehives from nomadic apiaries as they make their seasonal journey south from Al-Jawf Province to the Asir region, southwest of Saudi Arabia. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to the rich lives of bees, the three-part series touches on topics ranging from historical and cultural encounters with bees in the country to pollination and the importance of bees in maintaining ecosystems on a local and global level.

Workshop 1: The Hidden Lives of Bees
Saturday Dec 11, 2021  
5PM – 6:30 PM

The first workshop in this series serves as a broad introduction to the vibrant lives of bees. The workshop will include a visit to an observation hive, where participants will get the chance to observe first-hand the inner workings of a prospering beehive. Through this workshop, participants will be encouraged to consider bees beyond their honey-making capacity, and appreciate bees for the rich and wonderful lives they lead and the vital role they play in the environment.

Workshop 2: Beekeeping 101: Getting Started 
Saturday Dec 18, 2021 
[UPDATED] 4:30PM – 6:00 PM

The series concludes with an introduction to urban beekeeping, where interested participants will get professional insights into how to get started from Beeway’s founder. Participants will learn how to work with bees, and what safety measures and considerations must be taken into account. The workshop will include products beyond honey, looking into the many benefits of royal jelly, pollen, and beeswax.

Workshop 3: Traditional Beekeeping
[UPDATED] Tuesday Dec 25, 2021 
4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

The second workshop in this series focuses on local practices of honey production and nomadic modes of beekeeping in Saudi Arabia. The workshop will trace the many paths beekeepers have charted in search for greener pastures, each leading to exquisite types of local honey, including sidr (ziziphus), talh (acacia), barseem (clover), and more. The workshop culminates into an interactive honey tasting session, sampling different types of honey produced from a wide spectrum of native flora.

*Note: The workshops are held in close proximity to live bees. Do not register if you have any sensitivity or allergies related to bees or byproducts (or suspect you might). Safety gear will be provided to all participants and guidelines will be clearly laid out before visiting the hives. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.*

Participants have the option to register to one or multiple workshops, as per preference. This workshop series will be led in Arabic, with supplementary material available in both Arabic and English.

About Beeways

Beeways is a local apiary registered in the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture housing 1,200 beehives and licensed by the Ministry of Commerce for beekeeping and honey production. Beeways follows a nomadic method of beekeeping, seasonally transferring their hives across Saudi Arabia to ensure that their bees reach the greenest pastures. As part of their winter trail, Beeways are making a temporary home out of Hayy Jameel for a selection of their hives, to educate community members about the importance of bees and the wonders of beekeeping. Find out more about Beeways here.