Applications are currently being accepted

Deadline for submission: April 20, 2024 (midnight, Saudi Arabia)

This is the fourth edition of the Hayy Jameel Façade Commission, and the third to include an Open Call process; proposals are considered by an eminent jury*, and a single work selected for production. 

Art Jameel invites upcoming and established artists from or resident in the Kingdom to submit proposals that re-imagine Hayy Jameel’s façade as the first point in a conversation between the complex, the community it serves, and the broader public. Located on the front of the Hayy Jameel building, the Façade Commission has a prominent presence, visible to visitors as they enter as well as capturing the attention of pedestrians and drivers passing by.

The awarded artist(s) will receive an artist’s fee and a production budget will be attached to the project (co- or wholly managed by Art Jameel, according to the nature of the selected project and artist’s practice/working method). 

*The jury includes local and international art professionals, curators, artists and museum directors with experience in commissioning and working with artists to produce works for the public realm.



The commission is open to all Saudi and Saudi-based artists and collectives.
If applying as a collective, at least one member should be a Saudi citizen or resident. 

Application requirements:

  • Concept statement (200-500 words)
  • Up to four sketches and diagrams
  • Artist’s portfolio and/or CV
  • Estimated production schedule

All application materials are submitted through the application portal.

Tip: Please include as much information and detail as you can, but do bear in mind that Art Jameel curatorial and production teams will work with you to develop and adapt your concept for the context, and to build and refine a detailed production budget and timeline.

Further information for applicants:

  • Art Jameel encourages applicants to consider the site-specific nature of the Façade Commission, both at Hayy Jameel and within Jeddah at-large;
  • Proposals in all media are welcome, including but not limited to text, image, photography, sculpture, mural, digital work, among many other possibilities;
  • The jury is particularly interested in novel, bold and original proposals that are sensitive and thoughtful to site and context;
  • Applicants are advised to consider the technical requirements of a public work of this nature and of the façade itself (detailed below);
  • Art Jameel is working towards achieving more sustainable exhibition and commissioning practices; we appreciate any considerations taken by applicants towards managing the carbon footprint of their work and its installation.

Useful information and considerations:

Dimensions of first floor façade panel: 26m long by 4.6m height

Material: any material that can be supported by a frame can be considered (details of the support structure are attached). Please bear in mind that we expect the work to remain outdoors, in the elements, for at least 9 months.

 Elevational detail plan: Facade Structural Details


Winner Selection  May 2024
Production Period  May 2024 – September 2024 
Façade Unveiling  October 2024
Viewing Period  October 2024 – September 2025 



The annual Hayy Jameel Façade Commission activates Hayy Jameel’s front-facing façade as the main gateway connecting the public to the vibrant community within Jeddah’s home for the arts. The Commission is a major opportunity for Saudi and Saudi-based artists to propose, and then create, a monumental public artwork. 

It is in keeping with Art Jameel’s long-term commitment to providing upcoming and established artists with opportunities to expand their practices; collaborate and work with established institutions, curators and producers; develop challenging new ideas; and create compelling works for the public realm that engage audiences in dynamic ways. 

The first Commission was awarded – via a nomination, proposal and jury process – by Nasser Almulhim, working with Tamara Kalo. The second Commission and third Commission were awarded via open call and jury selection   to Mohammad Alfaraj and Dr. Zahrah Alghamdi, respectivly; the three former iterations were kindly supported by Abdul Latif Jameel Motors – Lexus KSA.