Pre-registration recommended. Walk-ins admitted on a first-come first-serve basis.

Join us to learn about the fundamentals of photography, from lighting to composition to developing your own unique style! The workshop includes a playful and fun scavenger hunt, prompting our young aspiring image-makers to see the world through a photographers lens. The workshops will end with a insightful crit session, guiding participants to provide constructive criticism and receive feedback from their peers.

Target Age: 12+
Capacity: 12 students
Fees: 45 SAR (Inclusive of all activities)

Requirements: iPhone or iPad

Learning Objectives:
– Getting introduced to the fundamentals of lighting, composition, and perspective
– Learn through play and experimentation
– Engage in critical discussion with peers

This February, Hayy Explorers programmes will focus on stories of the land and sea, inspired by the Hayy Arts Exhibition, ‘At the Edge of Land’. The programme will explore storytelling through image making, looking into photography, shadow play, moving image, and animation, taking inspiration from Hayy Cinema’s upcoming films and happenings.

Young explorers will roam the realms of visual storytelling with five unique workshops every Saturday; with interventions from artists and directors of the films.

About the Instructors

Hadeel Felemban
Hadeel is a Hayy Learning member with a background in textile art and graphic design. She works on creative programmes with children and Hayy Explorers that bring together her experience with kids and storytelling as well as her design thinking background.

Samar AlAttas
Samar has a masters degree in photography and has been a photographer since 2006. Also, she loves dad jokes.