Questions of Space, Tools in Sequence: Workshop with Filwa Nazer

Only 6 places available. Register here or through the RSVP link to secure your spot.  This workshop is most suited for adults 18+. 

Hayy Studio’s artist-in-residence Filwa Nazer traces the process behind her artistic practice in ‘Questions of Space, Tools in Sequence’ a 2-day immersive workshop exploring the relationship between body and space through textiles and mixed media.

Through through-provoking prompts and discussion, Filwa invites participants to consider the spaces they inhabit and call home, carefully unravelling the physical and sentimental layers attached to these concepts. As participants re-examine their relationship to space, they will experiment with movement and gestures culminating into the creation of textile sculptures using repurposed clothes and personal garments.

The Jeddah-based artist is staying at Hayy Studios as part of her contribution to the Hayy Art‘s exhibition ‘The Distance from Here’, which features her work ‘Between the Neck and Shoulder’.


‘The Distance from Here’

By: Maria Alem Jun 08 - Oct 25