Researcher and writer Ghadeer Sadeq is the recipient of the Art Jameel Research Grant: Mapping the Arts in KSA (1940-2000)

Ghadeer Sadeq is a researcher and writer with a focus on modern art in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia. She holds a Master in Arts and Cultural Management from Pratt Institute and a Master in Political Science from Northeastern University. Ghadeer has a diverse background in the field of arts and culture, having held various positions in government and cultural organizations, where she has been involved in research, writing, curatorial work, and cultural policy development.

As the recipient of the Research Grant, Ghadeer’s project will examine the role of Arab Gulf Art Groups in developing and shaping the features of the Plastic Arts Movement in Saudi Arabia, specifically using the “Friends of Plastic Art Group” as a model. Through this research, Ghadeer aims to expand the understanding and appreciation of the rich artistic heritage of the region.

Art Jameel Research Grant: Mapping the Arts in KSA (1940-2000)

In order to deepen understanding of modern art, its exhibition histories, and artist networks in Saudi Arabia and the wider region, Art Jameel is supporting a grantee whose areas of inquiry delve into the following topics, including (but not limited to): 

  • Exhibition Histories in Saudi Arabia (1940-2000)
  • Artist Networks in Saudi and the wider Gulf (1940-2000)
  • Art Education in Saudi and/or the Gulf (1940-2000)

Through this grant, Art Jameel aims to support researchers in the field to conduct original research into one or more of the above mentioned topics, through the following:

  • Resources/ expenses of up to 25,000 SAR for research travel to access archives, collections, libraries, conduct interviews, etc.
  • Support, where possible, in contacting relevant individuals and or institutions for interviews and meetings.

Required outcomes and responsibilities: 

  • Research project outcomes to be completed within 12 months of the grant’s start date (must include a research paper of at least 6,000 words, and could also include a lecture series, digital database, collected bibliography, website, etc.).
  • Updates on research to be shared quarterly with the Art Jameel team during the grant period
  • Research outcomes may input into exhibitions and wider programming at Art Jameel
  • At least one research trip to be conducted in KSA.

Art Jameel supports artists and creative communities. Founded and supported by the Jameel family philanthropies, the independent organisation is headquartered in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and works globally. Art Jameel’s programmes – across exhibitions, commissions, research, learning and community-building – are grounded in a dynamic understanding of the arts as fundamental to life and accessible to all. 


About Hayy Jameel

Hayy Jameel is developed and managed by Art Jameel as a dedicated arts complex and creative hub for Saudi Arabia. Hayy joins Jameel Arts Centre in Dubai – which opened in 2018 – in its efforts to build culture-oriented, connected communities. Designed by award-winning architects waiwai, Hayy references an Arabic word for neighbourhood, denoting the convivial and collaborative nature of the complex and its intent on bringing together a wide range of creative disciplines in one destination. Alongside the museum Hayy Arts, the education platform Hayy Learning and Hayy Studios is Hayy Cinema, Saudi’s first independent audiovisual centre, designed by Jeddah-based architects Bricklab. Fenaa Hayy, a multi-purpose space for performances, workshops and talks opens onto Saha, a central community courtyard underpinned by philosophies of sustainability and adaptability.