Director: AlAbbas Hamidaddin
Country: Saudi Arabia
Year: 2022
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English

FISHy portrays the life-altering experiences of Layali and her brother, Shadi. Their simple desire to purchase and care for a pet fish is abruptly disrupted by the outbreak of war, which destroys their home and leaves them with nothing but the bleakest of options.

FISHy should be a visually-driven narrative to convey the film’s messages, relying on visual communication rather than dialogue. This visual approach enhances the impact and effectiveness of the storytelling.”FISHy” should be visually compelling, utilizing a combination of vibrant and muted colors to create contrast. Incorporate detailed and expressive character designs to convey the emotions and experiences of Layali, Shadi, and the other characters. Give attention to the environmental details to create a rich and immersive world. Utilize lighting and shading techniques to enhance the atmosphere and highlight the contrast between peace and war.