Director: Rasha Alsharif
Country: Saudi Arabia
Year: 2023

COFFEE! follows the harrowing journey of a young woman named Suhad, whose life is plagued by relentless nightmares as a result of her stressful lifestyle and chronic insomnia. The boundaries between reality and the world of dreams blur, entangling Suhad in a treacherous web of distorted perceptions. In this tumultuous landscape of dreams, the laws of physics give way, giving way to strange occurrences as the signals of the various elements collide inexplicably, sometimes sharply.

I am Rasha Al-Sharif, a graduate of Filmmaking and Animation from Effat University. My passion lies in the world of visual arts, as I firmly believe it is the most powerful tool for expressing my ideas and aspirations. I am particularly drawn to the medium of motion, finding great joy in bringing my creations to life through animated films. Creating cartoonish characters, crafting magical worlds, and developing captivating scripts are all part of my artistic journey. I strive to create a strong bond between my animated films and viewers of all ages, fostering an interactive experience that leaves a lasting impact