Join us as emerging Saudi band Strangers takes the stage to showcase their music writing process followed by a live performance in Saha. 

The four-piece band will deliver an improvisational indie-rock jam session for music lovers to engage, listen and learn from them on their sources of inspiration and elements to write a song, creating a brand new original one by the end of it!

The music performance teases their upcoming album set for release later this year, with a set that features new singles celebrating authentic indie rock and inspiring the younger generation to experiment with and enjoy alternative sound. 

This event is free and open to all. RSVP required. 


Strangers is a Jeddah-based indie-rock band that writes original instrumental pieces, taking inspiration from each member’s eclectic Arab and Western musical styles and influences. 

The band is comprised of veteran musicians – with Sultan on bass, Zaid on drums, Mostafa and Qusai on guitar, the band fuses their sound through dynamic beats and lines, owing to their own experiences and backgrounds in navigating the alternative rock and neo indie scene. 

Despite coming together in early 2022, Strangers have supported and collaborated with other major local artists including Fulana and have performed in XP and MDL Beast, showcasing their own flavour under the umbrella of indie rock. 

These days, they spend their spare time writing, jamming and recording in their studio working on a new album set for release in Summer 2024, as well as performing live sessions on YouTube.