Exploring relationships between ships, sea vessels, and humans and how it is similar to the symbiotic relationship marine animals have with one another, this illustration workshop is all about drawing how we see ships and sea creatures. This session draws inspiration from one of the works in the Hayy Arts exhibition, At The Edge of Land, called, Shipbreak Dossier (2018-19), by Ranjit Kandalgaonkar. In Shipbreak Dossier, Kandalgaonkar investigates the divide between the ship-making and shipping industries and the fate of their products, shedding light on the significant social and environmental damage brought about by this practice.

Taking cues from the artist’s research-based practice, we will look at a number of marine vessels and sea creatures, and then illustrate using pencils and pastels our own imaginary sea vessel animal. This workshop is co-led by illustrator, Rahaf Shuja and Sahrish Ali.

Registration required for the workshop. Walk-ins welcome, however sign up is through this link or the button above.