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Are walk-ins permitted?

Walk-in visitors will be permitted depending on the capacity of visitors during that given time. All walk-ins will be requested to register at the Welcome Desk before visiting the gallery space.

What happens if a visitor does not follow the rules?

Hayy Jameel is required to report any violation of the country’s COVID-19 laws to the authorities. Our staff is authorised to deny entry to any members of the public that show signs of illness or refuse to wear the mandated safety gear. Under the law, violators of the law are subject to fines.

What happens if I learn that I have COVID-19?

Please only visit Hayy Jameel if you feel healthy. Should you test positive for COVID-19 within two weeks of your visit, you are kindly requested to notify our team by emailing Your details will be kept confidential, but this will guide us in testing our own team members.

What measures are being taken to keep Hayy Jameel clean?

The exhibition spaces and visitor reception area are cleaned, aired and disinfected throughout the day after each visitation time slot. This also includes cleaning the public toilets every 30 minutes as well as disinfecting “high-touch areas” such as door handles with the approved cleaning materials by the Ministry of Health. Hand disinfectant is provided for… Read more »