Hayy Jameel hosts multi-faceted events celebrating street art culture this November: join a stimulating conversation between artists Mohammad AlFaraj and Basmah Felemban (November 10); an artist career-building workshop with Basmah Felemban and Art Jameel curator Rotana Shaker (November 22); and at Hayy Cinema, screenings of the short films My Vibe (2021) and Nour Shams (2022) from November 10 to 26, accompanied by a Q&A session with director Faiza Amba and the talented film crew of both films on November 23, 2023.

Presented by the RSH Street Art Festival, Riyadh, in collaboration with Art Jameel.

  • November 10, 2023: Join us for a talk between artists Mohammed Alfaraj and Basmah Felemban as they sit down to reflect on their journey with local street art in Al Balad, how their experiences have shaped their own artistic and social practices, and what street art looks like and means to them today. Explore the evolution of street art and the role of community in creating public work through Basmah’s curation for the upcoming opening of the second edition of the Ministry of Culture’s Street Art Festival in Riyadh and Hayy Jameel’s own façade commission ‘Face of the City’ by Mohammed Alfaraj. An opportunity to celebrate new beginnings and to commemorate the final days of the façade before the reveal of the next public artwork in early December.

This event is in collaboration with the Saudi Visual Arts Commission of the Ministry of Culture. It is free and open to all – RSVP required.