Join us this summer  for a week of creativity, fun, and fashion as we explore storytelling through design and printmaking.

This exciting 6-day camp is designed for teens who are passionate about fashion and eager to express their unique stories. Participants will brainstorm ideas, extract elements of their stories, and then bring it all together on a custom fabric design throughout this camp. We will look at eco-friendly practices and methods in creating textile art and also at the importance of slow fashion. Experimentation and printmaking is an important part of this camp, and it features interventions with designer, Leen Al Kahhalah, who will give sessions on ways of printing on fabric.

Who is this camp for? If you have a keen interest in fashion, textile art, printmaking, and experimentation, this camp is the right fit for you! Teens ages 14 to 18 years are welcome to apply.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Storytelling elements
  2. Extracting design elements from a narrative
  3. Understanding the importance of sustainable fashion
  4. Experimentation with printmaking methods
  5. Using a sewing machine
  6. Basic embroidery stitches
  7. Creative expression through textile design

Camp Schedule Overview: 

Day 1 | Storytelling through Design: Conceptualize and translate personal stories into visual designs. Tour of Hayy Arts exhibitions, Salt-Kissed: Of Vessels That Have Sailed The Red Sea and Moving Mountains.

Day 2 | Sustainable Fashion: Understand the importance of environmentally friendly practices. Make choices over types of materials to use for textile projects.

Day 3 | Applying Printing Methods: Gain hands-on experience using different printing methods to successfully produce a printed piece of fabric.

Day 4 | Embroidery and Embellishment: Learning basics of embroidery and stitches

Day 5 | Sewing and Assembly: Acquire fundamental sewing skills

Day 6 | Final Touches and Showcase: Enhance creativity and presentation skills by creating a personalized fashion piece and explaining the creative process and personal stories behind the design.

This edition of the Teen Art Camp is designed and led by Hayy Jameel member, Hadeel Felemban.

To apply, please register through this form.  Max capacity: 12 participants.