Jameel Library invites you to explore two captivating shows! Dive deep into the vibrant stories and knowledge they hold.

About Jameel Library 

Jameel Library at Hayy works to reflect the neighborhood around us. In our space, one may find a wide array of media and materials, chasing curiosities on many things — Jeddah, the Red Sea, extensions of itself — resulting in multilingual, multidimensional work being hosted here. This is, above all, a community space; thus one can find programming, classes, and other opportunities to engage with your fellow library patrons.

Salt-Kissed: A Dive into Research

Curated by winners of the Art Jameel Curatorial Open Call, Ahmed Al-Aqra and Abed Alrahman Shabaneh Hayy Arts’ Salt-Kissed: Of Vessels That Have Sailed the Red Sea is an exploration of the real and imaginary vessels that traveled the Red Sea. Here at the library, we offer this space and collection to help you navigate through the histories and chronologies explored in the exhibition. Take your time to sift through these materials that speak about the vessels we occupy, speak to, and story with.

FORMATIVE FRIENDS GROUP: Glimpses from the Archive

this archival display explores the activities of the Formative Friends in G.C.C, who in the absence of formalized infrastructures, acted as curators, gallerists, writers, and academics. Through a selection of exhibition catalogs, photography, and ephemera, we provide a glimpse of the Formative Friends’ tireless travels — promoting Khaleeji art in countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Spain, USA, and the Dominican Republic. These travels allowed the artist to create new cultural bridges, exchange in creative ideas, and introduce Khaleeji art to a wider, more diverse audience.