Join us this Saturday, December 23, for a deep dive into caves and the underworld. During the workshop we are going to look at caves, crystals, and how light travels in the darkest places and then construct a robotic-coded transportation solution for deep cave expeditions. The session will have us explore how light travels all the way inside deep parts of the earth, how crystals are formed inside caves and how people find ways to navigate the underworld.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops on various forms of landscapes and transportation solutions, led by Bani, happening every Saturday this December. Stay tuned for upcoming workshops!

This workshop is suitable for children ages 6 and above. Register through the link here or through the button above!

Bani Studios

Bani is an educational platform that teaches kids how to think strategically and problem solve using STE(A)M topics within their programmes. Through incorporating problem solving and looking at real world examples, children are introduced to ways of creating solutions.