Looking at the practice of natural sustainable materials, we invite young people and artists to explore layers of earth with Zahraa Al Ghamdi.

This is a session in exploring the layers and substrates of soil and looking at natural methods and materials. The workshop aims to encourage participants to take a deeper look into earth materials and soil layers.

The session starts with an introduction to natural materials used in building and in creating art such as rammed earth, coral stones, mud, and palm leaves. Then we will look at soil specifically especially the layers that make it up — a concept known as soil horizons.

Gravel, rocks, substrum, subsoil and topsoil are collected and displayed at the space in box frames or on the sandbox tables.

Participants, using plexi boxes or some sort of clear container, create their own layers of soil horizons.

This workshop is suitable for children ages 9 and above. Register through the link here or through the button above!