Colour is all around us in our homes, habitats, and things we use. We get some colour from rocks, plants, food, insects, and even bones. Some artists use these things to make their own dyes and pigments.

Join us and artist, Ammar Jiman, at Hayy Explorers this Saturday on November 25th, as we discover hues of the Earth and extract natural dyes from pomegranate skins, marigolds, chamomile flowers, beetles, and more! We will experiment with making our own dyed bandanas and then stamp them as well.

This workshop is suitable for children 10 years and older. Sign up using the link here, or through the button!

Ammar Jiman is an artist and teacher who investigates colour in the natural world and experiments with methods in dye and pigment extraction. That means, things that give us colour go through a process that allows them to release colour for us to use. Ammar works with materials that he finds in mountains, herbal shops and everyday all around him to create paint, paper, and to dye fabric. He uses all this and sometimes wood and gesso to make his artworks.