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Teenagers are invited to join this hands-on animation camp this winter break for a full week of storytelling, animation, and filming! Led by The Youth Animation Platform (YAP), this 5-day programme allows young participants to learn about the vast, creative world of stop-motion animation, and acquire all the skills needed to create animated clips inspired by the ongoing Hayy Arts exhibition, ‘At the Edge of Land’.

Programme Fee: 250 SAR (Paid In-person at Hayy Explorers)

Programme Structure:
1. What is stop-motion animation? Delve into the history and development of stop motion animation!
2. Where do I start? Concept, Research and Story Development
3. What is my story? Story-boarding
4. Who and Where? Character and Set Design and Construction
5. Movie Magic! Lighting / SFX & Sound Design
6. Let’s get moving! Animation
7. Final Touches: Editing & Finalisation

This programme will take place at Hayy Explorers. It will also include a tour of our Hayy Arts galleries as well as film screenings at Hayy Cinema.

About YAP
Led by filmmaker and animator, Fadi Syriani, The Youth Animation Platform (YAP) offers young talents a hands-on initiation and training to all the elements required for the creation and production of animated films, and different kinds of animated art (flipbook, zoetrope, etc.). YAP aims to introduce young participants to a new language of communication, teaching them different artistic tools of expression & storytelling.