Through her lens, Faiza brings to life the dynamic world of street art, immersing viewers in a visually stunning and emotionally charged experience. Her films (Nour Shams & Jawwi) explore the power of self-expression, the impact of art on society, and the stories of the artists behind the vibrant murals that adorn city walls of Jeddah. Hayy Cinema will host a special screening of the 2 films on the 23rd of November and welcome Faiza Ambah and film crew members for a Q&A session.

Single mother SHAMS is an Uber driver in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with two obsessions; her only child MAKKI, and her African desserts. Shams struggles to get Makki married, or to get any interest in her desserts. In fact Makki wants to participate in a hip-hop competition, which could lead to winning an extended trip to France, and separate them for the first time in their lives. Shams is forced to decide which is more important, keeping her son, finding herself.




When cinema comes to the old neighborhoods of Jeddah, the lives of three teenagers are forever changed.






About the guests:

Faiza Ambah is an award-winning writer/director/producer and former Washington Post correspondent based in Saudi Arabia. Her directorial debut short film, MARIAM (2015) won numerous international awards, including being showcased at UNESCO in Paris, the Scottish Parliament, and is continually being screened at universities around the world. Faiza was also involved in the production of SANCTITY (Berlinale 2013), AVE MARIA (Cannes, Oscars 2015) and A GAZA WEEKEND (TIFF 2022)


Ahmad Saddam is a rapper, songwriter, music producer and actor born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is a founder of YR Music, the most successful and influential rap group in the region, which performed in Middle Beast Arabia and he has appeared in local films The Book of Sun, Yesterday After Tomorrow and the series Dune.



Aisha Al Rifaie won best actress for her first ever film role at the Gouna Film Festival when she starred in NourShams in 2021.  She has since appeared in several theater productions and the films VHS Tape Replaced,  The Last Dismissal and Fazaz in 2023, and the soon to be released feature Warning Bell. She is based in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia.