Suminagashi: Learn the Art of Japanese Paper Marbling

Workshop by Zainab Mumtaz

Suminagashi (墨流し) is the ancient Japanese technique of decorating paper with inks believed to be the oldest form of marbling. In this workshop, artist Zainab Mumtaz will guide participants  towards the proper technique of creating this beautiful marbling effect, opening up the door to endless possibilities of application.

About Zainab Mumtaz

Zainab Mumtaz (b. 1992) is an Interdisciplinary Artist, colorist and researcher who seeks to capture sense and emotions through Abstract Expressionism, Field painting, Geometric Abstraction and Minimalism. Finding its roots in nature, her work epitomises the complex details of creation bringing into focus the dynamic and dramatic world behind simple things around us. Her practices explore the intersection between traditional and contemporary art which is drawn to deconstructing the geometrical aspects of nature and exploring the mystery of existence, finding the connection with The Divine.