Kanji x Arabic Calligraphy Fusion

Workshop by Mohammad Ramzi and Noha Raheem

Join local calligraphers Mohammad Ramzi and Noha Raheem as they explore the fusion of Arabic and Kanji style calligraphy, a logographic writing system with a rich history in the Japanese arts.

About Mohammad Ramzi

Mohammad Ramzi is a calligrapher/typographer, designer and branding specialist. His practice centres around analysing and dissecting letters, diving deep into their anatomy, curvatures, angels and beyond. Mohammad Ramzi likens letters to music, combining notes from different languages and styles to create calligraphic symphonies.

About Noha Raheem

Noha Raheem is a designer, artist, and calligrapher, whoI followed an unconventional route into the world of calligraphy by combining Arabic Calligraphy fused with Kanji style.