Senior Manager of Operations, KSA

Key member of Art Jameel’s leadership team. Responsible for the overall smooth operation of Hayy Jameel; the role oversees multiple functions (IT, administration, facilities, events) and is responsible for directing policies and setting procedures that aim to expand creative capacities within Hayy Jameel; supporting the delivery and enabling the success of programmes delivered by Art Jameel as well as those delivered by Hayy’s Residents, enhancing visitors’ experiences all while ensuring world class facilities and standards.

Job Description

The Senior Manager of Operations of Art Jameel’s Saudi initiatives will be based at Hayy Jameel, Jeddah; providing strategic and day-to-day operational leadership at this major creative complex will be their primary focus. Hayy is home to multiple entities, run by Art Jameel and like-minded partners, and this role takes on the responsibility of ensuring that all aspects of the complex run smoothly, responsibly, dynamically in such a way that enables the success of programmes and events taking place at Hayy while creating positive encounters and exchanges among Hayy’s visitors. The Senior Manager of Operations contributes to enhancing Hayy Jameel’s and AJ’s institutional reputation and is involved in the operational and organisational planning of AJ as an organisation. The Senior Manager of Operations will expand on existing SOPs to build bespoke procedures and policies to respond to Hayy’s unique needs and characteristics. The role involves building and maintaining a positive, collegiate environment for both the Art Jameel team and Hayy’s partners and tenants, and ensuring a safe and happy experience for all visitors. The Senior Manager of Operations oversees the logistical and operational management of Art Jameel’s entities within the complex, with particular focus on Hayy Arts, Fenaa Hayy, Hayy Cinema and Hayy’s common spaces. This includes setting systems and standards for AJ led events, as well as third party events, and setting standards for visitor services, box offices, concessions, and auxiliary services.

The role will oversee several internal functions for Art Jameel including team development and culture, capital improvements, facilities, IT, contracted services and security. Working closely with Art Jameel’s finance and legal teams in KSA and the UAE, the Senior Manager of Operations will also liaise closely with other related entities, including ALJ Land, who are responsible for the construction and upkeep of the Hayy complex.

Responsibilities and duties

Operations at Hayy

  • Develop internal processes, policies, systems and ways of working that are dynamic, efficient, clear and widely adopted by all KSA team members (and where relevant, across Hayy Jameel as a whole)
  • Oversee facilities, IT, maintenance, improvement and expansions, plus the security process appropriate to safeguarding Hayy’s assets and day-to-day operations (both Art Jameel’s and its partner-tenants’ assets, as appropriate and required)
  • Develop and manage the operations budget in close coordination withThe Senior team and the Finance department
  • Lead, organise and direct the operations team across the different work areas of facilities, IT, visitor experience and administration
  • Negotiate insurance contracts and act as focal point for insurance brokers
  • Manage the outsourced facilities management company hired to maintain Hayy; set policies and procedures, monitor their performance and establish working standards for their staff that align with AJ’s values and working style
  • Working with ALJ Land, negotiate and supervise the delivery of all building-related service agreements (security, facilities management etc.)
  • Design, maintain and oversee Art Jameel’s crisis management and emergency evacuation procedures
  • Act as the primary point of contact for all partner-tenants on matters related to their tenancy at Hayy (including operational hours, adherence to community guidelines, storage usage, usage of commons space)
  • Liaise with ALJ Lands representative when needed on matters related to partner-tenant leases (leases are managed by ALJL)
  • Work with the community manager, exhibitions team, cinema team, partnerships team, and learning team to coordinate on the usage of services related to events, equipment, furniture and Hayy’s spaces
  • Communicate in advance to partner-tenants, surrounding businesses and government entities about activities that impact their operations or requirements
  • Devise and manage inventories of Art Jameel equipment and assets and ensure upkeep 
  • Pilot and rollout new technology-based innovations and platforms that improve communication among Hayy’s stakeholders (tenants and staff) and improve visitor experience

Administrative responsibilities

  • Work closely with the finance department to find way to simplify and streamline billing and invoicing processes (through new web based solutions and procedures)
  • Work closely with the legal department to find way to simplify and streamline contracts and agreements (e.g. service agreements, supplier agreements, MOUs etc.)
  • Lead on shaping the roles and growth trajectory of Junior Operations staff members (IT Coordinator; Visitor Experience Coordinator; Facilities Supervisor; administrative assistant)
  • Support recruitment efforts (including contributing to formulating job descriptions as well as contributing to the interview and onboarding processes)
  • Take on administration-­‐related tasks and projects, when required
  • Manage the financial administration of the operations department
  • Contribute to developing a comprehensive onboarding and orientation process for new staff members (with the HR Coordinator) and suppliers where relevant (with the Facilities Supervisor)
  • Contribute to organising and manage staff team-building activities and off sites
  • Take on an active role in building and maintaining a dynamic, productive, collaborative and positive working culture 

Positions reporting to the Senior Manager of Operations include:

  • Administrative assistant and receptionists
  • IT coordinator
  • Facilities Supervisors
  • Visitor Experience Coordinator
  • Driver

Qualifications and past experience

  • MBA, or Masters in Arts Administration preferred, or equivalent experience
  • More than 10 years of management experience involving operational and financial disciplines with at least three years of HR experience gained at a reputable development or company — preferably in the entrepreneurial, start-up and/or creative field
  • Knowledge and experience of liaising with Saudi government entities, commercial partners and suppliers is essential, to ensure timely delivery of events, initiatives and strategies, within the correct legal framework and in adherence with relevant codes
  • Positive, resourceful, solutions- and outcomes-oriented; ready to embrace new challenges; and be able to inspire and lead a team effectively
  • Mandatory: excellent written and spoken English; an entrepreneurial, proactive approach. Arabic speaking and writing skills is preferred 

Conditions of Work

  • This is a full-time position based in Jeddah, KSA, with occasional travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and elsewhere
  • All members of the Art Jameel team take shifts on the Welcome Desk (at least 1 day every 2-3 weeks)
  • Occasional weekend and evening work according to events and programmes is as required

 Benefits include

  • Full health & dental insurance
  • 25 days annual leave