Group Exhibition: “The Mountains Quiver in Anticipation”

    Group Exhibition: “The Mountains Quiver in Anticipation”

    A group exhibition featuring new commissions, never-before seen works, and pieces from the Art Jameel Collection, that explore Saudi’s rapidly changing landscapes, from the social, cultural and personal to the urban and environmental through the eyes of emerging artists in Saudi.

    Through painting, photography, installation, sculpture and video, this exhibition offers a glimpse into the ongoing ways in which a new generation of Saudi artists is relating to the world around them.

    NOW OPEN | Hayy Cinema

    Via a year-round programme of films, as well as talks, exhibitions and film festivals held across its various community spaces, the cinema becomes a convivial site of convening, opening up a whole new world of storytelling and imagination. Hayy Cinema’s opening programme, developed in collaboration with Red Sea International Film Festival, includes ‘As Seen’, a Gamal Fahmy archival exhibition.

    NOW OPEN | Hayy Residents Homegrown

    A popular Jeddah-based concept store and online platform for budding designers from Saudi and the wider region, offering a host of carefully sourced, independent brands. From bespoke kaftans to menswear, Homegrown is a vibrant one-stop-shop for boho chic shoppers looking to support diverse small businesses from around the Middle East.

    NOW OPEN | Hayy Residents Fennec

    Fennec is the first-ever community theatre in Saudi to develop local talents and content by creating pioneer artistic communities. Their vision is to support creative talents and promote the creation of content and performances that are exceptional locally and globally.

    With community at their core, Fennec embraces a mission to attract art and culture audiences by providing world-class content through investing, developing, and working with Saudi talent.

    ‘Paused Mirror: The Saudi Artists’ by Osama Esid

    Hayy Jameel’s first year is marked by a new commission by artist Osama Esid that takes as a starting point his background in portraiture and explorations of historical photography methods. ‘Paused Mirror’ draws on Osama Esid’s “wet plate collodion” portraits and landscapes, and is developed via a collaborative journey through the Kingdom,