Illuminate: A Noor Riyadh Capsule

Situated across Hayy Jameel’s first floor is a series of large-scale, immersive light installations on tour and adapted from the inaugural 2021 Noor Riyadh festival organised by Riyadh Art. Illuminate: A Noor Riyadh Capsule’ brings together works by 11 major Saudi artists who have contributed significantly to furthering the technical and social practice of art-making in the Kingdom and wider region. In their new guise at Hayy Jameel, the works respond to the role of the arts in the city, in the context of Jeddah’s new community hub. Participating artists include Ahmed Angawi, Dana Awartani, Ayman Daydban, Manal Al Dowayan, Sultan bin Fahad, Ahmed Mater, Maha Malluh, Marwah Al Mugait, Nasser Al Salem, Rashed Al Shashai and Saeed Gamhawi.

This capsule also mirrors the Royal Commission for Riyadh City’s (RCRC) core mission of bringing art closer to the city and people in the context of Jeddah’s new community-centered creative complex: Hayy Jameel.  

About Noor Riyadh 

Organized by RCRC (Royal Commission for Riyadh City), Noor Riyadh is an annual city-wide light festival seeking to activate the urban landscape of Riyadh with awe-inspiring experiences. The inaugural edition kicked off in March 2021 in two parts; Light Upon Light, curated by Susan Davidson and Raneem Farsi with around 30 masterworks and Under One Sky curated by Dr. Eiman Gibreen and Pam Toonen, exhibiting 32 outdoor art installations across the city of Riyadh. 

Comprising of more than 1,000 public art installations across ten programs, plus one annual light and art festival and a sculpture symposium, Riyadh Art brings art to residential neighborhoods, gardens and parks and public squares, creating one of the world’s most livable, environmentally friendly and sustainable cities.