Bahraini-based fusion band Majaz take the stage in Hayy Jameel for their first exclusive performance in Jeddah, as part of their regional tour. 

The four-piece band will perform an exciting set of new releases and songs, taking listeners on a journey that explores the experimentation and evolution of Afro-Khaleeji music. 

Their unique sound celebrates the deep cultural connection between Africa and Arabia, blending the moving beats of African rhythm together with tribal melodies of Khaleeji music, drawing  inspiration from the likes of Fjiri, Jirba and Laiwa.

Expect a highly energetic and interactive performance that is reflective of the Gulf’s rich heritage yet contemporary in approach and sound, with influence of jazz fusion, progressive rock, folk and afrobeats to satisfy all music lovers and the community. 

To register for Majaz’s drop-in session and discussion: ‘Contemporising Khaleeji Music’ click here.

This is a free event open to the public – RSVP required.