Fundamentals of Milk Kefir with Health in a Jar

Inspired by the work of Fatima Uzdenova ‘All About My Mother’, which is part of our running exhibition ‘ Staple: What is on your plate?’, Fundamentals of Milk Kefir’ takes participants on a journey to the Caucasus Mountains as they learn about fermented milk techniques that have been practiced for more than 2000 years.  

This workshop will cover the fundamental techniques behind milk kefir and coconut milk kefir for the aspiring home chef, while also touching on other applications of fermentation such as kefir laban, kefir labneh, kefir smoothie, and kefir salad dressings. 

This workshop is limited to 10 participants only. Participation is confirmed upon payment of 50 SAR fee (detailed provided after application).


About Health in a Jar: 

Maram Murad is a dietitian who got her Bachelors and Masters degrees from America. She’s a certified instructor, specializing in bowel health and beneficial bacteria. 

Hanan Koshak is a nutritional technician with a Master’s degree in nutrition. She’s a certified instructor, who specializes in the preparation of various types of fermented foods useful for health.