Join a day-long trip to Al Nimri farm in Al-Hada, Al-Taif, specialising in berries and seasonal fruit for a deeper and firsthand look at local food sources.

Starting at Hayy Jameel as a meeting point, the Art Jameel team will chaperone the trip and provide transportation from Jeddah to Al-Taif, along with snacks provided by Hayy Residents Aysh Academy.


1:00pm | Gather at Hayy Jameel
1:15pm | Depart from Hayy Jameel
4:15pm | Arrival and welcome at Al Nimri Farm
5:00-7:00pm | Farm visit including a tour, fruit tasting, coffee and a gathering
7:15pm | Depart the Farm
9:45pm | Reach Hayy Jameel

Please email hayy@artjameel.org for any questions or concerns.