This workshop aims to educate children on the variations of coral reefs, their ecology, functions and beautiful shapes and forms! Using design planning we will focus on teaching children about the process of conceptualizing an idea and applying creative techniques to create a sculpture.

Known for its unique location, the Red Sea houses the world’s diverse and vibrant corals and marine life. Coral Reefs are homes to many creatures that live underwater. They also help the environment by cleaning the sea as well as adding festivity to the underwater landscape with their shapes and colors.

Here at Hayy we focus on highlighting the integration of the arts, with Hayy Explorers which is an Art-led educational project and space that facilitates local narratives. This month’s theme dives into the Red Sea and life in and around its coast. In this guided workshop each child will be able to create a mini sculpture of their own to take home, learning about the diversity of the Red Sea and also skills in sculpting with paper-mache.