This tour includes a walkthrough of ongoing exhibitions as listed below, as well as an introduction to Hayy Jameel.

‘Staple: what’s on your plate’ This group exhibition investigates what we eat and the entanglement of food with memory, ecology and place, and considers our relationship with food as a starting point to explore a larger landscape of climate emergency.

Illuminate: A Noor Riyadh Capsule’ A series of large-scale, immersive light installations on tour and adapted from the inaugural 2021 Noor Riyadh festival organised by Riyadh Art.

‘Paused Mirror: The Saudi Artists’ This exhibition draws on artist Osama Esid’s “wet plate collodion” portraits and landscapes, and is developed via a collaborative journey through the Kingdom, and working with host artists and organisations to capture portraits of Saudi artists.

‘Hayy Jameel Façade Commission’ The Hayy Jameel Façade Commission is a new annual programme that gives one artist the opportunity to develop a major public work for the 25-metre “canvas” on the front of the building — a feature integral to the architectural intent. The first edition of Hayy Jameel’s Façade Commission has been awarded to Riyadh-based painter and sculptor Nasser Almulhim and architect and artist Tamara Kalo.