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Hayy Jameel’s inaugural year features ‘Paused Mirror: The Saudi Artists’, a commission by artist Osama Esid that focuses on wet plate collodion photography and highlights his background in portraiture and explorations of historical photography methods.

As part of his work at Hayy Jameel, Osama Esid is going further by offering a 3-day intensive introductory workshop to the art of paper negatives- a timeworn craft developed in the 19th century that results in ethereal and textured imagery.

This photography technique is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned photographers. Join Osama as he takes you on a step-by-step, hands-on introduction to this unique photographic craft.

About Osama Esid 

Osama Esid (b. 1970, Damascus) is a US based photographer who studied and graduated from the Technical Institute of Damascus while working at his father’s tailor shop. Esid later fled to Paris and moved to the US where he lives and works. Known for capturing mysterious imagery across private and public spaces in the context of North Africa and the Gulf. He developed his first major series between 2003 and 2005 in Cairo forming a mobile gallery across Spain titled A Play on Representation; The Egyptian Experiment. Esid held solo exhibitions and participated in collective ones internationally including: Spain, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and UAE. He also gave workshops in the US and Middle East.