Library Assistant

Job Description

The Library Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative and cataloging functions for the Jameel Library and reports to the Library & Research Manager. The position includes library daily running and operations, material processing, cataloging as well as other tasks related to library resources including liaising books acquisitions and donations and communicating with Art Jameel departments including finance.


The Head of Research and Learning

Responsibilities and Duties

● Maintaining Library operating system (Koha)
● Overseeing cataloging processes
● Administrative tasks relating to library upkeep
● Working alongside Library & Research Manager to develop inventory systems
● Archival work
● Engaging with public, assisting visitors
● Covering weekend and evening shifts

Qualifications / Experience

● Minimum of 1 year experience in similar or related role
● Knowledge of systems administration
● Understanding of cataloging systems

Conditions of Work

● Full health & dental insurance
● Visa sponsorship
● Part time hours
● 4 days per week
● Includes evenings and weekends